Friday, February 19, 2010


So I have some very cool news regarding my jewelry-making that I'm finally able to share:

One of my necklaces is going to be in a movie! My From the Shadows Gargoyle Guardian gothic necklace is going to be in the movie Beyond the Farthest Star. According to the costume designer who purchased the necklace today, it's not just a costume piece but a major plot point. An adopted teen with a gothic fashion sense meets her biological father, who is interested in coming back into her life. He gets her the necklace because he thinks it's something she'll like, and she ends up wearing it for about half the movie. Family-friendly movie that might end up as just a DVD release, sure. But I'm damn tickled at the whole situation!

The costume designer also said that she found several possible designs on eBay and other stores, but she liked mine best, and the director pointed at it and said it was perfect for what they were going for. She'll keep me apprised of what's going on and whether there will be a screening. They're shooting in Dallas, and part of the contract for shooting somewhere is that you have to purchase a certain percentage of props and costumes and stuff like that in-state. So the fact that the necklace she wanted was in Texas, and close to Dallas, that was just a bonus.

I'm beyond thrilled. :D