Friday, October 2, 2009

Introduction to Elysia


Ever since I started making jewelry, this is the kind of jewelry I wanted to make. Richly textured pieces inspired by fantasy, mysticism, magic, enchantments, myths, both established and created by me. It's one step down from steampunk, which I would like to tackle as soon as I get a full grasp on creating items for this series. Elysia is a derivation of Elysium, the afterlife fields of the Greeks. It's not quite heaven, but it is sometimes referred to as a synonym of heaven. I also like the taste of the word, sibilant yet smooth, more than other names I considered.

When I am not making jewelry, I write supernatural short fiction and novels, so creating these jewelry pieces also enables me to create stories for each piece. Take, for instance, the "Trellis" necklace story or the "East of Eden" necklace story. Each item is micro-fiction, and while Elysia is certain the most expensive and time-consuming series I've done so far, it is also one of the ones closest to my strengths. The pieces require wire-wrapping beads onto chains, adhering buttons and cabs, counting out chain links, layering brass filigree... and this is only the beginning. I still have supplies for another wave or two, although I hope that this is the series that catches on. It epitomizes the objective of my store, which is to create elegant and eccentric jewelry. I only hope that other people appreciate the series as much as I do.

Each one of the Elysia pieces is awesome, but my favorite has to be the "Opium" necklace, with a Czech button that can either be interpreted as poppies or poinsettias.

You can find the first wave of Elysia necklaces and earrings here.

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