Monday, June 27, 2011

HP-themed Giveaway

I know this is short notice, but maybe that'll make it more fun. I'm giving away two necklaces that were made completely independent of Harry Potter that nevertheless fit in with it very well.

Photobucket Photobucket

Draconian necklace
Griffin Pride necklace

The giveaway contest starts today, June 27, and ends Monday, July 3, at 11:59 p.m.

Here are the conditions of the contest - each thing you do gets you an extra ticket in the drawing:

1) Tell me your favorite HP character and why in the comments. Are you a huge fan? Do you ship anyone? Are you a Gryffindor or Slytherin (or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw)? Will you be going to the last movie on the opening night? (One ticket)

2) Go to the Etsy links and heart which one you would want if you won (you do have to pick). Post in the comments that you've done so. (One ticket)

3) Post about this giveaway on Twitter and Facebook. Post in the comments that you've done so, with a link to your accounts if you can. (Maximum one ticket each)

4) Post about this giveaway on your blog. Post in the comments that you've done so, preferably with a link. (One ticket)

5) From now until the end of July 4, if you purchase an item or items of mine, you get one ticket per $10 (and I will round up, so a purchase of $36 dollars will count as 4 tickets). Post in the comments that you've done so.

Be sure to include your name and e-mail where I can contact you.
The people hearting the Griffin Pride necklace will be in a separate drawing from the Draconian necklace.

After midnight on July 5, I'll draw names and post the winners on this blog!

Have fun, and share with friends.

(If you have any trouble posting, you can send your info to my email at theothermagdalene(at)yahoo(dot)com.)


  1. My favorite HP character kind of switches back and forth between Harry, Hermione, Neville, and McGonagall. Right now, Hermione is my favorite. I love her intelligence and her love of books. But most of all I love her passion for helping those who no one else seems to want to help. This is demonstrated in the early books when she tries to help Neville in classes, but is particularly evident in SPEW. I share her passion for justice, so this is what I love best about her.

    I'm a ridiculously huge fan. HP has been my number one fandom since I joined. It is the fandom I read the most fics for, and the fandom I imagine myself in most often. Even though I've come to dislike parts of some books, I just love the whole world.

    I consider myself to be a cross between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I value courage pretty highly, and Gryffindors also seem to be the most protective house of those outside themselves that need protecting. But I also value knowledge and believe that knowledge for its own sake has value.

    I'm a big shipper. My OTP is Harry/Hermione, but I ship a whole lot of other ships.

    I have my ticket for the midnight showing already bought. I'm hoping to buy a shirt. I have a Bellatrix costume, and I'm really sad that I left it in Boston.

  2. I favorited the Gryffin Pride one. They are both gorgeous, but I own more stuff in red.

  3. I tweeted: @philstar22

    I also posted it on facebook. My facebook is under Ruth Harper, but it is private, and I'm not really comfortable changing the settings since I've had some sketchy people try to friend me.

    My name is Ruth Harper aka philstar22 on livejournal, and my email is

  4. I posted it to my blog here:

  5. See...I'm still paying attention at LJ!

    1) My favourite character is Tom Riddle-Lord Voldemort. I'm fascinated by the brilliant and powerful wizard who became Dark Lord - and how in the hands of JKR he became the parody of the screeching, irrational boss of your most horrible nightmares.
    I used to be a big fan but felt the last two books were literary disasters. Haven't seen HBP, don't intend to do so and am not planning to see DH. The only reasons I'm still in the fandom are my wonderful fandom friends, my unfinished fanifc and shipping.

    I tend to ship the Dark side of HP: Harry/Tom-Voldemort, Ginny/Tom, Lucius/Bellatrix, Tom/Minerva. But I'm also an inveterate Remus/Sirius shipper.

    Unsurprisingly I Sorted Slytherin.

  6. 2) I added Draconian to my Favorites. If I win, I'll have to buy earrings! omgyay!

  7. Posted link at my LJ:

    I'm Lynette at

  8. I haven't been to LJ in a while, but apparently sometimes it really pays to log in!

    Both of those pieces are ever so gorgeous! Actually, I'm greedily staring at all your stuff right now and trying to mentally adjust my budget :)

    I added Draconian to my favorites(I'm allexeika on Etsy).

  9. I also posted about the giveaway on Facebook -- I'm Alex Burker on FB, but I am a horrid newbie when it comes to FB and have no idea if you need to be my friend to actually see that. I don't have a Twitter account, so, alas, no tweet.

  10. My favorite HP character right now is probably Neville, although I am really fond of Hermione, and have been known to be really partial to Tom Riddle (young Tom and his first time around as Dark Lord, pre-comeback) as well as Prof. Slughorn. Movie!Slughorn in particular appeals to me even more so than book!Slughorn, because while he was the kind of clique-ish teacher is fond of the connections his now adult and successful students have, he also came off as someone who actually enjoys staying close to his students and is actually proud of their accomplishments and having taught them to succeed. I do think the Slug Club is an awful name, but it's kind of the Wizard version of LinkedIn, isn't it? In the books, it really seemed we were supposed to judge him for networking, which I find kind of hard to do.

    I think I've shipped just about everyone at some point, though, although I do still have a soft spot for Hermione/Tom and Ginny/Tom.

  11. I purchased Honeyed Amber Beehive Earrings.

  12. I am now and will always be a Snape fan. That said, I ignore all that Sevvie luvs Lily stuff. In my mind, he's survived the world by the skin of his teeth, he made some bad decisions, and he fought to make up for them. I can understand that. (Second fave is Lupin, but that's a chronic illness thing. Once again, I tend to ignore what happened in the later books.)

    I'll ship Snarry until I die, I'm Slytherin and proud of it, and I won't be able to make the movie, possibly at all. Yes, it sucks, but I really prefer books to movies.

    Favorited the Draconian Necklace! (Forgive me if I have the name wrong. A very tiny cat is trying to hatch my mouse.) Wish I could buy a lot of stuff, but alas, I am teh broke.

  13. Not that any of this will surprise you, but... ;D

    Sirius and Bellatrix Black are my favourite characters, on account of their awesomeness. Well, that and the ridiculous amount of backstory I came up for them over the years. ;) My favourite series-student character is Luna Lovegood, who just makes every scene she's in exponentially better.

    I am a super-huge fan. ;D

    I ship Sirius/Bella and Bella/Rodolphus. Also Harry/Luna.

    Slytherclaw! I actually sort of can't wait for Pottermore's Sorting, to see which of those two houses JK's own test puts me in.

    And heck yeah I'm going at midnight! With my coterie of Death Eater attendants. In costume. Naturally.

    Favourited the Draconian (though the Griffin is really pretty, too!).

    Posted to Twitter:!/RogueBelle/status/87994187781378048 and!/IncurableBlue/status/87994191212318720

    And, lol, I'm Cass and callie.r.morris at gmail. ;)

  14. 1) Favorite HP character has got to be Hermione hands down. I feel like she was one of the more humanized characters despite having such great strengths - such as her intelligence. I am such a huge fan of her, I would probably ship any and all good looking fictional males. Lol. I am probably most like a Slytherin and YES I will be going to the last movie on opening night. I am trying to see if I can get a pre-screening ticket, lol. I will not be in costume but I may try to sneak my Harry Potter glasses in.

    2) Oh gosh, I love red but the beads on the Draconian are gorgeous so Draconian it is. :D

    3) Here is my twitter link!